Hoga toga app apk download [2023 Updated]

Hoga Toga app
Hoga Toga app

Hoga Toga is one of the most popular technology websites where you can get technology-related news, tricks, App reviews, and setting on your phone. The Hoga Toga website helps you to customize and enhance your smartphone user experience. The Hoga Toga also provides you with the WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media latest update and upcoming features news.

The latest post of Hogatoga is WhatsApp audio, Gesture security lock, Fingerprint app, identify WhatsApp contact have to Telegram or not, AR Moscow city, etc. All smartphone users can download the HogaToga app apk file and the latest updated app. Also, you can know the top 10 launchers, 25 best music players, and other top lists of apps for your android phone.

How to Download the Hoga Toga App?

Hoga toga is not a single app. It is a website that consists of a bunch of third-party apps.

All users can download the HogaToga app for free. Hoga Toga provides you with a trending app for your smartphone. Hoga Toga apps are easy to download on your phone. All the users can download the Hoga toga app by the given link of that app or from the Google Play Store. Hoga toga provides apps that are free to use and you can download and install them on your phone through the app file.

You can download and use the Hoga Toga smart app to customize your smartphone like the Phone dialer photo app, RGB keyboard, Edge Lighting, Border light, Notification Photo app, WhatsApp profile photo tracker app, Recover Deleted messages, etc.

Here is the list of Hoga toga popular apps

  • Hi Translation
  • Raise high volume-Booster
  • Free Call App
  • Full battery charge alarm
  • Lens Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Disk Digger Photo Recovery
  • All Sports Live Streaming Cricket app
  • Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper
  • WhatsApp Tracker
  • Gun Shooting Lock Screen Wallpaper
  • Nova Launcher
  • Zen UI Dialer
  • EyeCon

1. Hi Translate

hogatoga app

Hi, Translate Language Translator app is the best app to translate anything. It is a free translator. It supports more than 88 languages in this app. This app supports so many apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and so many others to translate sentences and words. it required some essential permission to access the hi translation app. You can also translate anything on any app live without copying that text and paste it on the translation app.

2. Raise high Volume-Booster

hoga toga app download

Raise high volume-Booster is one of the best apps that allow you to increase your phone volume. You can increase the speaker loudness and the music volume of your mobile phone. It is a music amplifier and music booster that makes your phone louder. This is the most reliable volume booster and music booster for android.

3. Free call app

hoga toga app apk

The free call app allows you to call anyone without deducting any charge. You can also call anyone without showing your real number. Also, you can choose the number of country wise.

4. Full battery charge alarm

Full battery charge alarm

A Full battery charge alarm app alerts you when your battery is full. It advises you to remove your mobile from charging. You can adjust manually the battery % percentage accordingly when you want to remove the charger. You plug charge to mobile and if someone tries to remove the smartphone from the charger, unfortunately, it will start to ring loudly until you hear.

5. Lens launcher

Lens Launcher app

Lens Launcher Pro replaces your home screen with one control so you can browse your apps efficiently and launch apps as well. This app is using a Graphical effect called Fisheye Lens through this effect you can browse, launch, zoom, and pan your applications with such a unique and beautiful Icon Launcher effect.

Lens launcher pro also provides such a set menu for comfortable operating experiences such as change Icon size, icon scaling, Haptic feedback, and lens distortion as well. An Equi-spaced Grid that displays all of your apps, regardless of screen size or app count. A Graphical Fisheye Lens to quickly zoom, pan, and launch apps using touch gestures.

6. Apex launcher

Apex Launcher app

Apex Launcher is one of the most popular launcher apps that allow you to customize your phone. You can customize your phone home screen, app, app drawer, etc that your phone looks amazing. You can hide the Status bar, dock, drawer, etc. This app has the App drawer to hide the app. Also, you can Customize the home screen and app drawer and Select the different-different types of background and folder preview styles.

7. Disk Digger Photo Recovery

Disk Digger Photo Recovery

Disk Digger is one of the best data recovery apps that helps you to recover your deleted photos and videos from your phone storage and external storage. This app will scan for your deleted limited pictures by searching the cache and thumbnails of your phone If your phone is not rooted.

Once you recover your photos then you can also upload that recovered file to your Google Drive, send it with the email, Dropbox, etc. Also, save the recovered file to a different location on your phone.

8. All sports live streaming cricket app

All Sports live streaming app

All sports live streaming cricket app is one of the best Watch the free TV channel streaming apps. You can watch HD movies and many more streaming videos in this app. You can also watch international streaming videos. Also, You can watch the free IPL through this app. It better chance to watch free live IPL. You can watch the IPL for Free you don’t need to buy any subscription. You can simply watch the IPL live without spending money.

9. Transparent screen & live wallpaper

Transparent Screen & Live Wallpaper is the best app to set these wallpaper to your phone. It gives the unique look to your phone. You can see everything behind your phone transparently from your phone using this transparent screen & live wallpaper. Also, you can set the live wallpaper on your phone.

10. WhatsApp Tracker

Whats Tracker app
HogaToga Whats Tracker app

Whats Tracker is one of the best trackers for all android phones. It helps you to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile. And also you can see whose WhatsApp you viewed. You can also check the location of your contact list through this app. You can hide your location from this app which means nobody can see your location.

11. Gun shooting lock screen

Gun Shooting lock screen wallpaper
HogaToga Gun Shooting lock screen wallpaper

The gun shooting lock screen is a very interesting and unexpected lock app. All mobile has already different kinds of the lock screen that includes but there is totally different. It’s a popular app mostly professional twit for this. Lock screen wallpaper to set on an android phone.

12. Nova launcher

Nova launcher app
HogaToga Nova launcher app

Nova launcher app has interesting features to try this app. Consider it doesn’t impact your Android smartphone RAM or process. It saves your time to collapse more. It has a search bar where you search the app name and tap on the home button to access the search bar. Also, it will change the animation of the app.

13. Zen UI dialer

Zen UI Dialer app
HogaToga Zen UI Dialer app

ZenUI Dialer App is all-in-one contacts, dialer, and call log app. This app identifies the spam senders, use speed dial, Link duplicates contracts, running a smart search. You can view history with all important info, and personalize your own theme on your dialer, call log, and contacts. Your phone dialer background will change after using this app. You can add a custom background according to your choice.

14. Eyecon

Eyecon app
Hoga toga Eyecon app

Eyecon caller ID is one of the best apps. It is also a similar process as Truecaller but it’s different for some special features that are not available in the Truecaller app. Eyecon caller ID app will help to know about the upcoming unknown calling name even now you can also see his photo.

One more interesting feature of the Eyecon app is that if someone calls you and you want to save his recording safely so now you can easily save it. Also, If an unknown caller changes his photo on the Eyecon caller ID app, you can see that too.